Favorite Web Sites

We have wanted to include other Kit Products and other items.

Due to the cost of these products, We have not been successful in finding the products that we could sell at a reasonable price.

Therefore, we provide here some weblinks to companies that we like.  We have no vested interest in any of these companies. 

www.Squarrels.com Family Card Game

www.schematics.com  Schematics.com

www.pongrance.com  N3ZI DDS

www.jameco.com  JameCo

www.banggood.com  Banggood

www.newark.com  Newark Electronics

www.sparkfun.com Spark Fun

electronics-diy.com DIY Electronics

www.qrpkits.com Hendricks QRP Kits

www.qrpguys.com QRP Kits

www.qrp-labs.com QRP Kits

www.hfsignals.com HF QRP Transceiver Kits

3rd Planet Solar / KC9ON Kits and Crystals

www.bgmicro.com BG Micro

www.ipodbatterydepot.com iPod Battery Depot

www.crkits.com HAM Radio Kits - China

www.partsandkits.com/ Toroids

www.http://vk3il.net/ KN-Q7A MODS