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Sandwich VFO Kit

The Original Sandwich is in Short Supply.

This simple yet useful si5351a and Arduino Mini based digital VFO is a great addition to KN-Q7A and other single conversion SSB radio. The innovative one LED frequency display is amazingly easy to count and read the operating frequency. You don't need to solder the SMD part.

Shortly, I will be introducing a direct replacement for the original Sandwich. This I will call Sandwich II. Instead of two boards with an Arduino Mini, it will be a single board with an Arduino Mini. It will be functionally the same but will allow the use of either an Arduino Mini or an Arduino Nano. More information will be coming. It is in testing at this time.

Current Price:

$30.00 Price Complete Kit

$45.00 Assembled

Download Manual

Sandwich VFO:                           Sandwich VFO Instruction Manual

Calibration of Sandwich VFO:        Sandwich VFO Calibration

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