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Product Details

Dual Band Option Kit
This Kit provides the owner of a KN-Q7A or a CS-Series Kit with a Sandwich VFO to make the radio Dual Band.

A PCB is included for easy assembly, all parts will be included

A modification is required to the Sandwich Software.

Above Photo is of the Dual Band Receive Filter proof of concept board.

Optional frequencies are:

Base Radio (40 Meters) plus 80 Meters.

Base Radio (80 Meters) plus 40 Meters

Base Radio plus 20 Meters - product on hold

Base Radio plus 17 Meters - product on hold

Introductory Price: $35 plus shipping

Download Manual

DualBand Assembly Manual:                           DualBand Assembly Manual

DualBand Parts List:                                         DualBand Parts List

Dual Band Schematic:                                      DualBand Schematic

Download Software for Sandwich

KN-Q7A_40_80_DualBandLCD:                     DualBand 40 Meter add 80 Meter

KN-Q7A_40_20_DualBandLCD:                     DualBand 40 Meter add 80 Meter

CS-40_DualBand_80Meters:                           DualBand 40 Meter add 80 Meter

CS-40_DualBand_20Meters:                           DualBand 40 Meter add 20 Meter