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CRK-10A PCB layout is now complete. Now it is 100% through-hole. PCB size is 100 x 60 mm, slightly bigger. RIT-cancel switch included. Support 40M and 30M.

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CRK-10A:        CRK-10A Kit Manual


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The CRK-10 is a 40 Meter and 30 Meter CW QRP Transceiver kit.

Assembly is easy and should take around 3 to 4 hours at most.    Includes CQ memory for easy QSO's.

The RF output power is about 3 watt at 12V. Power supply range is 9-15V. TX current is about 500 mA, and RX current is about 15 mA (measured at 12V). The built-in MCU can generate side tone of about 700 Hz, switch RX/TX, and act as a keyer for not only paddle (normal paddle or bug key simulation mode), but also straight key.

The receiver is a direct conversion receiver, but the sensitivity is very high because of a two-pole crystal filter in the receiver front-end and an audio filter, which block interference and filter out background noise. The MCU automatically shifts TX frequency, generates side tone and acts as the keyer, which makes the whole radio quite practical. The power supply polarity protection and the high SWR protection make the radio durable.