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Dual Band Option Kit
This Kit provides the owner of a KN-Q7A that has a Sandwich VFO or a CS-Series Kit to make the radio Dual Band.

A PCB is included for easy assembly, all parts are included.

If you require assembled Kit please add $5.00.

Installation in SSB radio is not included.

A modification is required to the Sandwich Software.

Software will be provided upon request and is designed for your specific needs.

Sample code is shown below but should be used only as an example.

Optional frequencies are:

Base Radio (40 Meters) plus 80 Meters.

Base Radio (80 Meters) plus 40 Meters

Base Radio (40 Meters) plus 20 Meters

Base Radio (20 Meters) plus 40 Meters

Base Radio (20 Meters) plus 15 Meters

After several experiments, If you want 40 and 20 Meters, it is best to build the 20 Meter and add 40 Meters

This is the latest in this series. It uses a single filter for both transmit and receive plus the second filter for optional band

When using a 40 Meter radio and adding 20 Meters, you may need to change the High Pass Filter to those of the 20 Meter. Otherwise output on 20 Meters will be low

Price: $35 plus shipping

Download Manual

DualBand Assembly Manual:                           DualBand Assembly Manual

DualBand Parts List:                                         DualBand Parts List

Dual Band Schematic:                                      DualBand Schematic

Download Sample Code Software for Sandwich

Please Contact larry@QRVTronics.com for appropriate code.

KN-Q7A_40_80_DualBandLCD:                     DualBand 40 Meter add 80 Meter

CS-40_DualBand_80Meters:                           DualBand 40 Meter add 80 Meter

Dual Band
Band Option